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My interior piece for the NyxZineFFXV. I did some DrauNyx for the ship section in a cyberpunk AU since I couldn’t get it out of my brain for the longest time lmao

I worked with so much talent- learned so much- on this project and I'm grateful to carry the connections I made there into the future ;P


SALES CLOSE TOMORROW (FEB 28th midnight)!! The preview for my interior Threads of Destiny piece- I did a cyberpunk Nyx x Titus/Glauca AU, because I just could NOT get the idea out of my head ;P go buy the pdf while there’s still time! (emails sent out March 5th)

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Its Been A Long Road

It’s Been a Long Road!

2020 and 2021 had a lot of learning experiences, and a lot of reflection on the direction I wanted to go both as an artist and an individual, and I’ve got some renewed excitement for the next handful of years to come!

First things first: I’ve had the please of being the lead artist, and then head moderator on the project Threads of Destiny: a Nyx Ulric fanzine and I’m so humbled and awed by the work this team put into it. The zine is only available on Preorder until February 28th, 2022 at

There’s… [more]

Breakdown video of animated artwork


Breakdown video of animated artwork!  I tried to capture fully my work pipeline, this is how I usually make my artworks x) 

Used software: Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Spine Pro, After Effects.

I am such a huge horse nerd and I apologize

I am such a huge horse nerd and I apologize





I am such a huge horse nerd and I apologize. 🙁 But I’m really tired of seeing girths that are halfway down a horse’s stomach. This may not be interesting to anyone who is not me, but I like to draw fancy saddles and ridiculously long shanks on bits. Also, horses are the only animal I can draw, so I take advantage of that.

I hope this helps some frustrated non-horsey artists in at least some small way. Remember, when in doubt, add some buckles and some rings. 🙂

I keep seeing these weird ass girths… [more]