Yearly Focus

Every year I set myself an improvement 'focus'- the things I've struggled with during the last year or so, or simply the things I want to increase my skill at, and this 12 part series is going to follow along the techniques I use while avoiding the things that set me back- and maybe it can help others along the way… 

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There's also been some updates to the site, and more to come!

Lessons Returning!

I'm still finalizing details, but instead of a 4-part class in September, 2020 is going to bring FOUR Month-long classes! Expect one in March, May, Sept and Oct! There's going to be two 101 courses (basics and skills for everyone from beginner to expert! ex: Anatomy basics from 2018) and two 201 courses (Apprentice level- getting more into specific topics, ex: Character Design Course from 2019). Is there anything you'd like to see? What has been your struggle this last year?

New Prints!

Some Fan Favorites, just in time for Kupocon! See everyone at PortPom on Nov 16th! Find them at Zayven-ART.ca

For those who can't make it: Feel free to use promocode PORTPOM19 for a 2 for $20 on all posters from Nov 15-24!*

*promo valid 11/15/19 to 11/24/19, up to $100

"Budapest Courtyards" by Yves Marchand et Romain Meffre, Budapest, Hongrie, 2015

“Budapest Courtyards” by Yves Marchand et Romain Meffre, Budapest, Hongrie, 2015


“Budapest Courtyards” by Yves Marchand et Romain Meffre, Budapest, Hongrie, 2015.


Day 4 of Character Design: Framing in Panels and Illustration (Intro)

So now you have your designs, but how best show them off? This is more of an introductory course, but will include a few tricks on how to make your characters who are tall actually appear tall, how to layout an illustration, and thumbnailing tips as a few things.

If you'd like to follow along bring:

Blank paperYour preferred art program or drawing medium (I'll be using photoshop)

That's it! See you at 20:00/8pm MDT!

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