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100 Series Courses

Skill Lessons- something for everyone from beginners to experts just wanting a refresher

101- Intro Into Digital Art

(February, 2020)

Layers, layer styles, paths, masks, file formats and more...

1. Laying out your program to work for you/Introduction to File Formats

-The New Canvas Screen: DPI and PPI, print vs web settings, making presets file formats
-Guides, Grids, and Rulers: creating bleed and cut line presets
-Photoshop Panels and Clip Paint Palets: setting up your workspaces to suit your needs
-Intro into Raster and Vector

(Photoshop and a brief dip into Clip Paint)

2. Raster Tools and their uses

-Brush tool, Eraser, and eyedropper (to be continued in detail in part 4)
-Selection tools, cut tools, and transform tools
-Fill and Gradients
-Layer Blend modes such as multiply, screen, and more
-How to use Gradient mapping on a greyscale image


3. Setting up your Tablet hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts and intro to Vector tools.

-Using your tablet hotkeys
-Layer Masks
-Path Tools
-Text tools (and a cool little thing I learned during class about how text tools can follow a shape or path!)
-Paths for symmetry and perspective

(Photoshop, some Clip Paint)

4. Brushes and the Liquify Filter

-What are your basic brush tools
-What do all the presets do
-Mixer brushes and smudge tools
-Liquify filter
-Creating a custom fairy light brush with colour dynamics
-Creating a custom hair brush
-Creating a directional chain brush


101- Shapes and Shading

(Coming April, 2020)

Going into how to break objects things down into their most basic shape and how to shade them to make them appear more 3D.

101- Colour Basics

(Coming August, 2020)

How colour is used in a digital and traditional format, how to bend colour and how light affects colour.

200 Series Courses

Apprentice Level Lessons- how to take skills such as lighting, shading, form and function into your next works, as well as a little bit more specific lessons like design, and how to start becoming more proficient at translating inspiration

201- Character Design

(September, 2019)

Check back soon for more details...