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Era of the Envoy

Era of the Envoy is a Free to Read fantasy adventure comic following Deis- a loner who turned to Euphoria after his family's tragic end in order to make his world more bright. If it hadn't been for Lonin taking him in, and doing his damndest to keep Deis on as much of a straight and narrow as he could, Deis may have fallen through the political cracks the Empire lays across the world. Eventually, Deis won't be able to run from the Nightmares, and they'll face him one way or another. TW: Drug use and recovery, Horror imagery, violence....
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Charity and Zine Illustrations

Illustrations for Charity works: Alberta Strong: Fort Mac Relief Auction: CompleteLion's Sigil Zine: Interior Illustration CompleteWorld of Ruin Zine: Interior Illustration CompleteChanging Fate Zine: Interior Double Spread CompleteThreads of Destiny Zine: Coming Soon Read More
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Cosplay photos coming soon: Nyx Ulric (Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive)Dante (Devil May Cry 5)
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